The artist residency, an annual invitation, seeks to foster deeper connections between photographic production, contemporary art, and the public. The residency is located in Mougins, on the hills above Cannes, in the Alpes-Maritimes department, and 67 km from Italy. The Mougin area, as part of the Cannes Pays de Lérins agglomeration and the Sophia Antipolis technology park, and its relations with neighboring towns, are at the heart of the creative residency.
Without any imposed theme, the residency encourages a diverse range of photographic practices that challenge the identity of this ever-changing and constantly redefined territory, bringing genuine added value to the region’s culture and tourism policies. The ambition, year upon year, is to showcase, to exhibit, and to collect moments and layers of real life in the entire 06 department.

Open to all photographers, both French and foreign, the creative residency will select artists based on their portfolio, their experience, and a demonstrated continuity in their work.
A jury composed of the artistic director and the director of the Center for Photography (François Cheval and Yasmine Chemali), representatives from the municipality (deputy in charge of cultural affairs), the Ministry of Culture (DRAC), as well as local and external professional personalities, will carefully review the submissions.

The Mougins photographic residency will take place between November and April, spanning six weeks in total. The selected resident will be provided with accommodation in a village apartment and a dedicated workspace. While the candidate should have a predefined project, the majority of their photographic work will be carried out on-site, with post-production tasks completed outside of the residency period.
No formal restitution is required, but a proposal for the final result will be discussed with the Centre’s director and artistic director after two months’ residency. Together, a decision may be taken on the partial or total use of the results of the residency between the artist and the commune of Mougins, which will be the subject of a new contract, a posteriori.

Mustapha Azeroual


Clémence Elman