The medium of photography is a meeting ground, a passageway, connecting artists, exhibitions and various audiences. To accompany its exhibition program, the Center is seeking to offer a range of events and activities (guided tours, conferences, encounters with artists, screenings of films and moving images), and provide opportunities for amateur and artistic practices. In a society undergoing deep transformation, the Center of Photography wishes to offer a space for expression and reflection.

The Center offers free admission to those under 18.

Arts & Cultural Education (ACE) allows young people privileged access to works and various cultural actors, as part of school curricula or extracurricular activities. ACE helps develop knowledge about the arts, fosters and strengthens artistic skills and practices. All of these activities contribute to learning and empowerment through the development of sensibilities, critical thinking and creativity.

Throughout the year, and during exhibition times, various actions are offered for school classes and recreation centers. The proposals adapt to all levels and are divided into different actions: visit, visit followed by a workshop, and medium-term project, developed over a few sessions.
The Center of Photography welcomes you on-site, in the exhibition and mediation spaces, or comes to your schools and establishments for specific off-site activities.

Our visits, like our workshops, can be adapted to the demand.
Contact us to work out a suitable programme together.

To book
contact Kim Peacock
Head of Public Outreach and Mediation
or by phone. +33 (0)4 22 52 21 14

During each exhibition, different events (screenings, conferences, encounters with artists, workshops, storytelling visits) are offered.
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