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Mougins Center of photography, The Store
©Communication Ville de Mougins, 2021
The Mougins Center of Photography has chosen to present in its store products that distinguishes itself from the usual “souvenir shops” in museums.
The Center wishes to support artistic creation and not play the card of overconsumption by avoiding the pitfall of gadgets and by favoring the prism of design. The ambition is to address a large public, both in terms of generation and social background, offering a wide range of prices.

The store is open during the exhibition periods :

April – September : from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed on Tuesdays
October – March : from 1 pm to 6 pm. Closed of Mondays and Tuesdays

Find us at 43, rue de l’église 06250 Mougins.

+33 (0)4 22 21 52 12

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @centrephotographiemougins

Editorial line

© Lepetitdidier, 2021
Cahiers #1

« 1001 » : Isabel Muñoz
This first edition of Cahiers looks back at the inaugural exhibition of the Mougins Center of photography, devoted to the Spanish photographer Isabel Muñoz and her works produced during numerous trips to Japan.

Authors: Yasmine Chemali, François Cheval, Stéphane du Mesnildot, Yuta Yagishita, Pascal Bagot, Emil Pacha Valencia.

Nb of pages: 176
Price: 29€

© Lepetitdidier, 2021
Cahiers #2

« L’amour toujours : » Jenny Rova + Natasha Caruana
Photographers are not immune to emotional experience! Dedicated to the exhibition “Love, Eternally”, the second edition of Cahiers is dedicated to two female artists Jenny Rova and Natasha Caruana. Their works result from personal stories told through familiar experiences.

Authors: François Cheval, Laurence Pourchez, Jenny Rova, Natasha Caruana, Dr. Chris Hoff, Christophe Perrin, Yasmine Chemali.

Nb of pages: 192
Price: 29€

© Lepetitdidier, 2022
Cahiers #3

« La clairvoyance du hasard » : Li Lang + Yuki Onodera
With this third number, the Cahiers becomes a playground for artistic and scientific experimentations. Within the pages, relations bewteen order and chaos and the opposition between chance and derminism are examined.

Authors: François Cheval, András Páldi, Jean Daunizeau, Takayo Iida, Yasmine Chemali, Li Lang et Yuki Onodera.

Nb of pages: 176
Price: 29€

© Lepetitdidier, 2022
Cahiers #4

« Every day is Saturday : portraits anglais » Tom Wood
Tom Wood or Photie Man photographs everyday life, roaming the streets of his hometown. He paints the portrait of Liverpool and its people, caught on the spot on the top deck of a bus, on the ferry, in the markets or at a nightclub. Tom Wood’s photographs are not edited, not cropped. What is available to see is there, before us. A compulsive gesture, an incisive gaze, the peril of the contact sheet that can tell a story or just as easily miss it. So, we should be as generous as the artist who gives all that he can. Without ulterior motives, Cahiers #4 mix up the gazes and undertake a collective reading of this Liverpudlian universe.

Authors: Yasmine Chemali, François Cheval, David Peace, John Peel, Alexis Tadié, Leïla Vignal.

Nb of pages: 192
Price: 29€

© Lepetitdidier, 2022
Cahiers #5

« Ce qui nous arrive ici, en plein visage » Catherine De Clippel + Marie Baronnet
A barrier stands at the border between the United States and Mexico, a sinister defensive wall known to all. It alone embodies all walls, all refusals of the other. Elsewhere, in Fon and Ewhe countries, other markers stand in the form of earth sculptures posed directly on the ground. Protuberances that separate the living from the spirits. Between Marie Baronnet’s photographs, taken at the Mexican border, and those of Catherine De Clippel, taken in West Africa, a surprising relationship emerges. Both capture what happens between that which closes and that which opens, a beyond that sparks our (very human) curiosity. We must always understand what is hidden, what is on the other side.

Authors: François Cheval, Jean-Paul Colleyn, Jérôme Esnouf

Nb of pages: 192
Price: 29€

© Communication Ville de Mougins
The Mougins Center of Photography supports French photo publishers through France PhotoBook, a French association gathering the main independent French publishers of photography books.
The production of photography books is particularly rich and diversified in France.
France PhotoBook aims to promote and safeguard a rich though fragile ecosystem, by preserving a unique expertise and encouraging the consideration of a sector that has become essential in the field of contemporary photographic creation.

For more information : click here

Within the exhibition “Amexica”

Legends, the Living Art of Risqué

Marie Baronnet goes back in time, back to the origins of a living art: striptease, by meeting its icons. From the “strip joint”, the first inspiration of this series, to the “Burlesque”, she explores with these women the history of striptease from Roosevelt to Reagan, from the Mafia to the Vietnam war, as striptease is part of the American heritage just like blues and rock’n’roll.

Author: Marie Baronnet
Editor: André Frère Éditions

Pages: 184
Price: 39€


“I made these pictures exactly as if I was taking pictures in Wilkes-Barre, my hometown. I was led only by what I could see on the street. Of course, the extreme newness of this giant country, Mexico, was shocking to me. There really is surrealism in the air.”

Authors: Mark Cohen et Octavio Paz
Editor: Éditions Xavier Barral

Pages: 216
Price: 45€

L’Atlas en mouvement

This book revisits the work Mathieu Pernot has been doing with migrants for over a decade and proposes a new perspective in the representation of displaced people.

Authors: Mathieu Pernot, Patrick Boucheron and Roland Recht
Editor: Éditions Textuel

Pages : 352

The Other End of the Rainbow

British Columbia, Canada, has experienced an unending cycle of killings and murders over the past 50 years. Since 1969, dozens of women and girls, many of them indigenous, have gone missing. Some were later found dead, scattered along a 720-kilometre corridor of road known as the “Highway of Tears”.

Authors: Kourtney Roy, Gladys Radek et François Cheval
Editor: André Frère Éditions

Pages: 432
Price: 65€


© MarieJeanne
MarieJeanne’s scents

are carefully selected and created in Grasse, France, and are involved in all stages of production, from the origin of the natural raw materials to the final fragrance. Its creator, Georges Maubert, is part of the fifth generation of the Robertet company, world leader in natural raw materials. Since 1850, his family has been working in the perfume industry, as farmers, chemists, perfumers, and sourcers. The craft is also valued by entrusting French glassblowers with the production of the glassware.

Price: 45€

© Emma Tarea
Kit cartes Cyanotype

By: Emma Tarea

Cyanotype is an old photographic process invented in 1842. It gives a blue tint to images. Accessible to children from 5 years old and entirely handmade by the creator Emma Tarea in her workshop in Nice, the kit contains 7 ready-to-use sheets and an explanatory leaflet.

Price: 18€

© Communication Ville de Mougins, 2021
The Cyanotype Box Set

By: les Raffineurs

Have you always dreamed of creating your own unique art prints ? Cyanotype Box Set, you get everything you need to create impressive works of art at home, using only sunlight and small leaves or flowers.

The kit includes:

– a detailed instruction manual (in English and French)
– 2 bottles of powdered cyanotype emulsion; simply add water to each
– a glass printing frame
– 24 sheets of assorted papers with different textures
– a foam brush
– a measuring cup, a mixing cup and disposable gloves

Price: 50€

© Formcard

By: Peter Marigold

FORMcard is a handy, pocket sized card of meltable bio-plastic. Simply drop it in a cup of hot water to make little solutions to everyday problems. When it’s cool it’s really strong like nylon, so you can make solid durable solutions with it, and then you can reheat it again and again to adapt, change and reuse it. Because it’s a convenient card size, you can keep one in your pocket, wallet, kitchen drawer or tool box so that it’s there whenever and wherever it’s needed. A great benefit is that when it’s very hot, it sticks to some other plastics, so you can actually use it to instantly fix say…. a favourite plastic shovel when you are on holiday, or a broken fridge drawer. It’s also bio-degradable, so that at the end of it’s life it can be composted.

Price: 8€ (pack of three)

© Nathalie Dewez
The Candle Clock

By: Nathalie Dewez

A candle whose burning time is graduated graphically on the candle itself and serves as a clock. Initially commissioned by the BOZAR Shop in Brussels in 2007, this candle was produced in limited quantities. Nathalie Dewez lives and works in Marseille.

Price: 11€

© Communication Ville de Mougins, 2021
The Strom collection by Raawii

By : Nicholai Wiig-Hansen

Inspired by the cubism of the early 20th century, Nicholai Wiig-Hansen contributes to Raawii’s production through experimental drawing and modelling techniques. The result is a refined simplicity, geometric shapes and colors applied to functional objects of everyday life. The result is a refined simplicity, geometric shapes and colors applied to functional objects of everyday life.

Price: from 50,50€ to 90€

© Communication Ville de Mougins, 2021
Duvelleroy Fans

By: the House of Duvelleroy

Founded in 1827, Duvelleroy is a Parisian fan house, born from the dream of Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy to put the fan back into the hands of women. Since 2010, the House of Duvelleroy has been using the traditional know-how of French fan making for its Couture fans, while bringing this art of living into the contemporary world with its Ready-to-wear fans, made in small series in Spain.

Price range: 45€ to 55€.